Have crumbled, deteriorated or cracked bricks? Our professional expertise allows us to carefully and precisely remove anywhere from 1 – 100+ brick. We've mastered the art of removing good condition brick from a wall, so it can be used in the future if needed. This keeps the repair looking authentic with a perfect blend.


Is your foundation of your house cracking or crumbling? We use a specialized parging mixture called ©DuROCK. This unique parging mix is comprised of Portland cement, silica sand, dry resins as well as small fibers to help strengthen the cohesive and adhesive bond. This product lasts longer than a regular Portland and a silica sand mixture.


Cracked, and deteriorated mortar joints can allow water and moisture to seep inside the wall/brick causing disastrous damage to the rest of the wall if the problem isn't handled in a fair manner of time. As one of our specialized expertise we come in and grind or chisel out the old deteriorating and cracked mortar, replacing it with new mortar.

Chimney Repair / Rebuild

We’ve been building / rebuilding chimneys for over 35 years. We ensure to replace any cracked flue tiles as well as capping the top off and securing it with mortar on the bottom as well as filling with concrete on the top, we also make sure to install a chimney vent cap on top of the flue tile to safeguard the chimney against critters trying to get inside.

Door & Window Openings/Closures

No one wants a brick wall in their way when they decide to put a new door or window there. With our professional competence we cut a precise opening for a new window or door. Working with on site window or door installation contractors we can get the perfect fit! If you’re planning on sealing off an old opening we are able to do that as well.

Stone & Flagstone

Today the craze is all about the stone. We can turn your regular old walkway into an amazing stone walkway, or want a nice stone accent on the front of your home? we do that too.